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Thoughts on My Long Run


Every marathon runner knows the sense of serenity and satisfaction that comes from a good weekend long run. It’s a chance to get out there and pound the pavement, nothing but you and your thoughts. Oh, the thoughts you will think. The longer the mileage, the more delirious you become. But I’ve found there seem to be certain thoughts that come up regularly in my mind anytime I hit the road.

Running shoes

Long Run Thoughts

First couple of miles:
Why do I keep hitting red lights? I want to run!

Last couple of miles:
Why don’t these lights ever turn red? I want a rest!

I smell fried chicken from the supermarket I pass at mile two:
Two miles is far enough. I’m out.

Someone is running slower than me:
I’m faster than he is.

Someone is running faster than me:
He must not be running as far.

Running uphill:
I hate hills

Running downhill:
I love hills

My knee or ankle or something critical to running starts to hurt:
Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Another runner gives me the “runner wave”:
Yeah, she gets it.

Another runner doesn’t give me the runner wave:
You’re out of the club! Prick.

A car fails to yield:
Can we have a civilization?!

Last mile:
I hate running.

Driving home from my run, passing a runner:
Lucky! I wish I were running.

What about you? Any long run thoughts you dare to admit to?


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