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Chicago Marathon Charity : Team Red Cross


I’m excited to announce that I will be running the 2014 Chicago Marathon!

Registration for the marathon opened today. While many people across the country were entering the lottery, I was busy setting up my fundraising page for the race. I chose to avoid the uncertainty of the lottery process by joining a charity team.

I will be running the Chicago Marathon for Team Red Cross: 2014 Chicago Marathon.

Downtown Chicago

Where I’ll be

So, while I know I have a spot in the race, that raises a different level of uncertainty, as I now have a lofty fundraising goal to meet. However, I’m very excited to be dedicating my effort to helping a great charity.

I have a few fun things in mind to help raise money, such as the opportunity to pick a song for my race playlist if you donate more than $26.20. This was a lot of fun last time I raised money for a charity. When a song came up during my race, it was a moment to reflect on that donor. And it’s the gift that keeps on giving every time I put my music on shuffle and Gloria Estefan comes up.

If you donate to my cause, you’ll also enjoy these great benefits:

  • You’ll help people who need help in times of crisis.
  • You’ll feel good about yourself.
  • I’ll feel good about yourself.
  • Tax deduction!
  • Karma! (If you believe in that sort of thing)

If you would like to help me on my journey to Chicago, please donate to my Chicago Marathon charity fundraising effort.

Is anybody else running the Chicago Marathon? Have you run it before?

Me and Bart Yasso

Thumbs up for donations!


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