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What the 5K?!

Early in my running tenure, I was registered for an early-morning 5K. I had been dealing with some injury issues for a couple of weeks and also came down with a cold the day before. For some reason, I didn’t consider a DNS for that race. I showed up and as I was getting ready for the race (tired, cold, sick and injured), I asked myself “What the 5K am I doing here?!”

I ran the race anyway. It was awful. But I finished. With a new Twitter handle to remind myself that not every run will be a good one. Sometimes they’ll be terrible and I’ll ask myself why I’m even there. But I’m still there…usually.

For a little more information about why I run and how I got started, read My Running Story.

Note: The views I express are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of anyone else, including my employer, my family, my friends, my enemies, my acquaintances, people I’ve never met, people I’ve passed on the street, people who bumped into me in line for popcorn at the movies, people I’ve read about, or people I was supposed to read about but didn’t because I really should have read Pride and Prejudice in my high school English class like I was supposed to.

I have not been compensated nor provided special perks for any content, posts, or views expressed on this site. Maybe somebody will someday decide that they want to give me money for saying something. That would be nice. If I have been compensated for any content, I will not let that influence the views I express, unless they pay me well. I’ll still disclose that I’ve been compensated, unless they pay me really well. Even still, I’ll feel a little conflicted about selling out. Unless they pay me really, really well. But for now, I’m not getting any money for this, so it’s the real McCoy.

All content is my own unless otherwise noted or really obvious. All rights reserved. All lefts reserved. Some U-turns reserved, where permitted.


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  1. Lol at your disclosure note!

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