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Dopey Challenge – Walt Disney World Half Marathon Recap

The Walt Disney World Half Marathon has special meaning for me. A few years ago, I visited Walt Disney World and it just happened to be the day of the half marathon. I saw everyone running through Epcot and was thoroughly impressed. But I couldn’t even run around the block at that point and said “I’d never be able to do that. Looks like fun though.” I also thought the people running in costumes were insane. Although I’ve run a few half marathons since that day, this was the day I planned to proved myself wrong and actually run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. And the costumes? Well, I can’t say I’m not insane, but I was doing that too.

Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2014 Start Line

Let’s get this party started!

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Dopey Challenge Running Costumes – Walt Disney World Half Marathon

For the Walt Disney World Half Marathon, I decided to try something a little different from the typical cartoon characters. I wanted to dress up in tribute to something from one of the parks.

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My Running Story

I’ve decided to start a running blog. And this is it. But you know that because you’re here. I think the way to start my running blog is to tell you more about how I started running. I can’t promise that it will be interesting, but I’ve read enough blogs that I’ve discovered it doesn’t seem to be a requirement. They’ll give a blog to anyone these days. And seeing as I got my hands on one, here goes:

I love food, especially really deliciously unhealthy food, like gummy bears and cheeseburgers (no, not together, though those little gummy cheeseburgers aren’t too bad). But loving food so much meant putting on weight after my teenage I-can-eat-anything-I-want-with-no-consequences years.


My idea of a good time

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