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San Francisco Marathon Playlist

After my first marathon experience at Walt Disney World Marathon, I wanted to know how I could do when I hadn’t run races for three days before. So, I decided to sign up for Chicago Marathon. Not long after that, Katherine at http://mouserunner.blogspot.com/ encouraged me to run the San Francisco Marathon. I feel pretty crazy to be running three marathons in one year, not to mention running one just 2 1/2 months before my goal marathon, but I decided I’ll take San Francisco just a little easier than I otherwise would and use it to assess my readiness and weaknesses for Chicago.

In preparation for San Francisco, I’ve put together my playlist. Naturally, this playlist has a bit less Disney than my Dopey Challenge Walt Disney World Marathon Playlists. I added some music themed for California and San Francisco and timed the music for the race, with specific music at specific points on the course.

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