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San Francisco Marathon Playlist

After my first marathon experience at Walt Disney World Marathon, I wanted to know how I could do when I hadn’t run races for three days before. So, I decided to sign up for Chicago Marathon. Not long after that, Katherine at http://mouserunner.blogspot.com/ encouraged me to run the San Francisco Marathon. I feel pretty crazy to be running three marathons in one year, not to mention running one just 2 1/2 months before my goal marathon, but I decided I’ll take San Francisco just a little easier than I otherwise would and use it to assess my readiness and weaknesses for Chicago.

In preparation for San Francisco, I’ve put together my playlist. Naturally, this playlist has a bit less Disney than my Dopey Challenge Walt Disney World Marathon Playlists. I added some music themed for California and San Francisco and timed the music for the race, with specific music at specific points on the course.

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Pick a Song for My Chicago Marathon Playlist

If you saw my previous announcement, you’ll know that I am running the Chicago Marathon in 2014. I’m excited to be raising money for the American Red Cross as part of my journey to Chicago. As an incentive for donating, anyone who contributes more than $26.20 (ok, $27 because the site doesn’t accept cents) can pick a song for my marathon playlist or you can sponsor a song I’ve already got in mind. So make your donation now and let’s get your song on this list! Available for sponsorship:

Song Artist Sponsor
My Kind of Town Frank Sinatra  Karen Cunliffe
Supremacy Muse
Time Hans Zimmer
Game of Thrones Main Title Ramin Djiwadi
Dirty Paws Of Monsters and Men
Outro M83
Step Out José González
Dog Days Are Over Florence + The Machine Lisa Linney
What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World? Hans Zimmer
Survival Eminem
Below My Feet Mumford & Sons Kate Witheridge
Get over It Ok Go
Ultra Violet (Light My Way) The Killers
Tryouts Jerry Goldsmith
Running Up That Hill Placebo

Songs chosen by others:

Song Artist Donor
Eye of the Tiger Survivor Anne & Mike Cirillo
Patrick’s Pick (I chose Last of the Mohicans – “I’m running a marathon…y’all (expletive) are sprinters.”) Ja Rule Sheryl Gudelsky
Roar (Because she knows I can’t stand this song) Katy Perry Diana Mitchen
Too Legit To Quit MC Hammer Sarah Kong
Through the Fire and Flames DragonForce Russell Smith

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend – Dopey Challenge Running Playlists

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